Having a humble beginning of starting as a language that was intended to handle browser validations to a full-blown programming language that powers a lot of desktop applications as well, JavaScript has traveled a long journey

It’s important to understand this journey of JavaScript to work with the trickiest parts of the language. Let’s start from where it all began.

Why Was A Language Like JavaScript Needed?

Many years ago, back in 1995, a browser called Netscape Navigator (sounded like a story already;). The internet connectivity was rather very slow as people used dial-up connections using telephone lines and modems. …

Insert JavaScript Into HTML
Insert JavaScript Into HTML

The script tag is the primary method to insert JavaScript into the HTML page. The script tag has six attributes that are often underutilized and misunderstood by most JavaScript developers. We will look at all the ways to use the script tag and the importance and use of each of the attributes. If you are an experienced JavaScript developer and just interested in knowing about the script tag’s attributes, please feel free to jump to the relevant section.

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Using the Script Tag in HTML

The script tag is the primary method to insert JavaScript into HTML. The script…

Mutability Vs Immutability In JavaScript
Mutability Vs Immutability In JavaScript

You would often hear the most seasoned react developers suggest using the spread operator to copy an array instead of simply assigning it to a new variable. This has to do with specific data types being a reference type in JavaScript, hence being mutable. The concept of mutability and immutability in JavaScript is essential to understand to avoid errors. Let’s dive deeper into the idea of mutability vs. immutability in JavaScript.

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Primitive Types vs. Reference Types in JavaScript

The data assigned to a JavaScript variable can be of two types, the primitive type and the reference type. There is…

JavaScript Runtime For Web
JavaScript Runtime For Web

Mastering JavaScript does require an in-depth understanding of how the entire ecosystem works. The core ecosystem of JavaScript consists of 3 main components which are ECMAScript, JavaScript Engine, and JavaScript Runtime. It all starts with understanding what is ECMAScript and how is it different from JavaScript and followed by an understanding of the JavaScript Engine and the JavaScript Runtime. It’s because of the JavaScript runtime that NodeJS and Google Chrome can use the same JavaScript Engine and yet have very different implementations of JavaScript for developers.

JavaScript is certainly one of those programming languages which you can get started within…

What is ECMAScript?

There is a complete story on the history of JavaScript and how it came into existence. To cut a long story short, ECMA in ECMAScript refers to Europen Computer Manufacturers Association, to which JavaScript 1.1 was submitted for standardization back in the year 1997. A technical committee was created to standardize the syntax and semantics of a general-purpose, cross-platform, and vendor-neutral scripting language. The committee consisted of developers from Sun Microsystems, Netscape Communication, Microsft, and various other companies. They came up with ECMA-262, a standard defining a new scripting language and a general-purpose scripting language called the ECMAScript. …

add a new line in javascript
add a new line in javascript

Character literals help you format your strings in JavaScript.

We will look at simple escape characters that help you achieve small formatting tasks, such as adding a new line in JavaScript to a complete guide on all the available escape characters. Apart from the new line character, we will also look at various other escape characters in JavaScript and how they can help you format your strings in various ways. Till the end, I promise that you will know a lot more escape characters than just the new line symbol in JavaScript.

Since we would be looking at some…

JavaScript has never had an elegant way of handling string until the launch f ES6. ES6 introduces something know as template literals, which enable JavaScript to handle multiples lines of strings more efficiently and elegantly.

Syntax For Template Literals

Template literals do not intend to add additional functionality to the existing JavaScript stings but try to solve the problem in a new way. Hence, the introduction of the new syntax. Instead of using single quotes or double quotes, you can delimit strings using backticks (`).

Template Literals Are An Answer To Multiline Strings In JavaScript

Multiline strings have always been a problem pre ES6 because the strings were declared using double quotes and…

why laravel is the best php framework
why laravel is the best php framework

The choice of which framework to use while developing an application depends on many factors, but just like any other application framework, Laravel does have its pros and cons. Leaving inside the hate, I would like to focus on the advantages of using the Laravel framework and in my opinion Why Laravel Is The Best Php Framework. Before I jump into the magic of Laravel, I would like to discuss why you would use a framework for developing an application in the first place. What are the potential pitfalls of not using a framework and developing everything on your own?

The Problems Of Building An Application Yourself Without A Framework

With javascript, variable declarations have always been one of its tricky parts. Unlike most of the C-based languages, javascript variables are always not created at the spot where you declare them. Where a variable is created usually depends on how you declare it. Apart from declaring a variable using the var keyword, ECMAScript 6 enabled developers to create variables using the let and the const keywords as well. Lets deep dive into a quick comparison between let vs var vs const keywords and derive some best practices of declaring a variable in javascript based on their individual properties. …

WordPress has many different online resources that are extremely useful when starting to learn WordPress Development and working with WordPress. WordPress has a vast community and various sources you can seek help from, but WordPress has its extensive documentation, WordPress Codex, and Code Reference.

These official WordPress Documentations are probably the best places for “WordPress Dummies” to make a beginning. These are by far the best WordPress Manual coming directly from WordPress itself. …

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